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DOT code requires a biannual Upper Couple Inspection (UC Sticker) for all cargo tanks transporting material corrosive to the tank by a qualified and registered inspector. For aluminum tanks, this must be done every five years instead of two.  Wilmington Tank & Trailer operates a registered Cargo Tank facility and performs this upper coupler inspection as part of our tanker inspection and repair services.


While performing the external visual inspection, the upper coupler will be removed from the trailer and set aside for inspection. The kingpin will be inspected and measured against a tolerance gauge while the upper coupler plate is sandblasted and/or mechanically stripped of all coatings, grease, etc. Once it is fully cleaned, the welds and structure of the assembly are carefully inspected and any deficiencies noted. And while the upper coupler is dropped, the area normally covered by the UC is inspected as well. This is often overlooked by carriers since it’s hidden during normal use, but it is frequently a “hiding spot” for corrosion and leaks.

VIK Sticker Collage 2.1.png

Upon completion, the tanker will be marked with the DOT approved UC Sticker which certifies the tanker for two years (or five for aluminum) under normal operating conditions.


Wilmington Tank & Trailer performs this service as part of a full spectrum tanker inspection and repair regimen for clients in the Southeast. We will correct any deficiencies and certify your tanker so you can keep rolling.  Contact us today for more information!

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