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Tanker Cleaning and Washout


 Wilmington Tank and Trailer is excited to announce the opening of our new, state-of-the-art Tanker Wash facility! We are now accepting liquid tankers, pneumatic tanks, ISO, IBC, and Reefers for cleaning. We are also now OU Kosher Certified for Kosher Maintenance washes.


After years of being frustrated with rising prices and consistently needing multiple trips back to the local wash rack for spotty cleaning  jobs, Wilmington Tank decided to open a tanker cleaning facility. Local fleet operators are excited to finally have a locally owned, customer service oriented tanker wash facility instead of the usual "high volume, low quality" washes. 

Most tanker washes are now owned and operated by private equity and mega-corporations that are exclusively focused on production instead of customer service. We pride ourselves on taking a different approach. We can meet or exceed their speed, but we set ourselves apart with our customer service and attention to detail at reduced cost. And while you're here, we can also perform any inspections or repairs onsite to keep you rolling. Contact us today to see the Wilmington Tank difference and get it done right the first time.

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Now Offering:

-Steam wash

-Kosher Maintenance Wash

-Cold Water High Pressure

-High Temp High Pressure

-Caustic Wash

-Detergent Wash

-Confined Space Entry Cleaning

-Safe, permitted disposal of washwaters

-Heels disposal

-Tank Passivation

-Drop off and Pick Up

-External Wash

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