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DOT code requires a biennial Thickness Testing (T Sticker) for all unlined cargo tanks transporting material corrosive to the tank by a qualified and registered inspector.  Wilmington Tank & Trailer operates a registered Cargo Tank facility and performs this thickness testing as part of our tanker inspection and repair services.


While performing confined space entry into the tank, our trained technicians will test the tank in the prescribed areas including:

-Tank shell

-Tank head

-Areas of high shell stress, for instance the bottom

-Areas near openings or appurtenance attachment spots

-Areas near weld joints

-Near shell reinforcements

-Near the upper coupler (fifth wheel)

-Adjacent to suspension system attachments

-known thin areas and nominal liquid level lines


All of these readings are noted and reported on our thickness test form and compared against the Minimum Thickness chart as specified in § 178.320(a) which stipulates Minimum In-Service Thickness. Any deficiencies will be noted on a graphical representation of the tanker’s interior for the client to review. Upon completion, the tanker will be marked with the DOT approved T Sticker which certifies the tanker for two years under normal operating conditions.


Wilmington Tank & Trailer performs this service as part of a full spectrum tanker inspection and repair regimen for clients in the Southeast. We will correct any deficiencies and certify your tanker so you can keep rolling.  Contact us today for more information!

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