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Tanker Inspection

In order to stay in compliance with 49 CFR § 180.407, cargo tanks must have periodic inspections performed by a registered FMCSA inspector. Wilmington Tank performs all inspection including Visual (V), Internal (I), Pressure (P), Lining (L), Leakage ("K), Thickness (T), and Upper Coupling (UC). We'll keep you legal and keep you rolling.

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Tanker Repairs

Wilmington Tank not only performs washing and inspection, we also perform any and all repairs. Suspension, brakes, valves, etc. And we are also one of the only approved companies in NC with the R-Stamp for welding repairs on coded tanks. We pride ourselves on our service, and it shows!

Tanker Wash 2.jpg
Tanker Wash

Opening summer of 2021, we will operate the region's newest, fastest, and most efficient tanker wash. Nothing is more frustrating than having to send your tanker back because the first wash did a bad job. No more. We'll give it the attention to detail you expect so you can rest easy knowing you show up at the rack cleaned and ready for loading.

Rounded R Stamp Logo.png
ASME R-Stamp Tanker Repairs

If you have a crack, leak, pinhole, or other structural issue with a coded cargo tank, it needs to be repaired by a licensed R-Stamp holder. Wilmington Tank and Trailer is the only R-Stamp shop in the Eastern Carolinas. Our welders can fix and certify structural deficiencies and keep your tankers moving product.

Welding cropped.jpg
Welding and Fabrication

We don't only work on tankers! Wilmington Tank and Trailer also provides general fabrication and welding services. Whether in carbon steel, stainless, or aluminum, we can help. Call now for assistance on your project.

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