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DOT code requires an annual Lining Inspection (L Sticker) for each lined cargo tank transporting material corrosive to the tank by a qualified and registered inspector.  Wilmington Tank & Trailer operates a registered Cargo Tank facility and performs this Internal tanker lining Inspection as part of the annual VIK package. 


While performing confined space entry into the tank, our technicians will visually inspect the tank lining for any holes, tears, abrasions, etc.  Then it will be tested using state-of-the-art testing probes which can electrically test the thickness. Where deficiencies or abrasion are noted, the lining can be repaired using equipment and procedures specified by the manufacturer. If any corrosion is found, the lining area will be removed and the wall thickness tested to ensure structural integrity of the tanker. Upon completion, the tanker will be marked with the DOT approved L Sticker which certifies the tanker for one year under normal operating conditions.


Wilmington Tank & Trailer performs this service as part of a full spectrum tanker inspection and repair regimen for clients in the Southeast. We will correct any deficiencies and certify your tanker so you can keep rolling.  Contact us today for more information!


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