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DOT code requires an annual Leakage Test (K Sticker) for each specification cargo tank by a qualified and registered inspector. This applies to all code cargo tankers except MC 330 and MC 331 cargo tanks in Chlorine Service.  Wilmington Tank & Trailer operates a registered Cargo Tank facility and performs this Leakage Test as part of the annual VIK package. 


During this inspection, the tank itself will be tested for leaks, as will the piping with all valves and accessories in place and operative with the exception of venting devices.  Furthermore, all internal or external self-closing stop valves will be tested for leak tightness. For multiple compartment vessels, each compartment is tested individually with the adjacent compartment at atmospheric pressure. For cargo tanks transporting petroleum distillate fuels, the EPA Method 27 is used for Vapor Tightness Testing. Upon completion, the tanker will be marked with the DOT approved K Sticker which certifies the tanker for one year under normal operating conditions.

VIK Sticker Collage 2.1.png

Wilmington Tank & Trailer performs this service as part of a full spectrum tanker inspection and repair regimen for clients in the Southeast. We will correct any deficiencies and certify your tanker so you can keep rolling.

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